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We work in partnership with government entities to design and implement grant programs for their customers.

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Our service offering 

We provide end-to-end delivery services across all aspects of grants administration, using the grant program lifecycle:

  1. Design: design the program
  2. Select: assess and select grant recipients
  3. Establish: negotiate and execute grant agreements
  4. Manage: monitor performance and manage risk and payments
  5. Evaluate: review and evaluate program effectiveness

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Simplifying government grants administration

We are dedicated to simplifying grants administration in line with the Streamlining Government Grants Administration Program. Simplifying the grants administration experience provides a range of benefits, including: 

For applicants and grant recipients

  • simpler, faster, more accurate and cheaper information and services
  • single entry point to conduct end-to-end digital administration, accessible on any device
  • pre-qualification through ‘tell us once’ online authentication processes
  • consistent user experience (language, processes, requirements, look and feel, documentation, and customer service standards)

For government

  • standardised and streamlined program design and delivery
  • adheres to whole-of-government frameworks, standard processes and best practice
  • new programs designed and launched quickly and with less risk
  • reduced administrative costs
  • consolidated ICT systems means less capital investment in grant systems
  • inform policy with real time and reliable intelligence
  • greater visibility of grant programs across government
  • security in the event of machinery of government changes

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Last updated: 1 November 2018

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