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Our resources, mining, equipment, technology and services sectors are some of Australia’s strongest economic performers. They generate more than half of Australia’s goods exports and provide significant opportunities including:

  • economic wealth
  • jobs and high wages
  • Investment and tax revenues
  • high-quality reserves of several mineral and energy commodities
  • a skilled, experienced workforce
  • innovative technologies
  • best practice regulations and operations that bolster business and encourage investment

National resources policy framework

The government’s vision is to have the world’s most advanced, innovative and successful resources sector. One that delivers sustained prosperity and social development for all Australians.

We’ve developed the National Resources Statement to support this vision. Our 5 key goals:

  • deliver the most globally attractive and competitive investment destination for resources projects
  • develop new resources, industries and markets
  • invest in new technologies and approaches, especially to deliver better environmental outcomes
  • create well-paid, secure jobs
  • support communities to ensure they receive benefits from the development of Australian resources

We know that social, economic and technological transformation present new challenges for the sector, and future success relies on working smarter, safer, cleaner and more efficiently than our competitors.

This policy framework builds on the recommendations of the Resources 2030 Taskforce Report.

Our role in supporting the resources sector

We develop policy, interventions and projects to:

  • support sustainable development of the resources sector
  • increase investment
  • encourage innovative technologies

We promote the resources sector by:

See the full list of activities and strategies in our Corporate Plan under Resources.

Exchanging information and expertise

The government participates in a number of intergovernmental initiatives and forums to exchange information and expertise:

We regularly consult with Australia’s major trading partners, industry and stakeholders to help identify commercial opportunities for Australian businesses and encourage trade and investment.

We also have resources-focused counsellors in Tokyo, Beijing and New Delhi. These representatives help strengthen our trade and investment relationships in their respective countries.

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Last updated: 14 February 2019

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